>> Paper submission format

There are 3 types of possible submissions to CASA 2010: regular papers, short papers and posters. All submissions should be formatted in single-space double column A4 page size, according to the following templates availalbe for downlad: LaTeX template [LaTeX template], or MS Word template [MS Word template].

Regular papers submissions are limited to 10 pages in length, including references and figures.

Short paper submissions are limited to 4 pages in length, including references and figures.

Posters submissions are limited to 2 pages in length, including references and figures.

Submissions are anonymous. In order to provide a fair review of all submitted papers, the review process will be double-blind. The paper itself should not include the authors' identity. The authors' information will be submitted through the electronic submission system.

Papers and posters descriptions should be submitted in the PDF file format. Supplementary materials (e.g., videos) should be submitted in the ZIP file format. Please use commonly available codecs for enconding your videos.

>> Submission instructions

Important ! A 20 Mo file size limit is imposed for supplementary matierials by Easychair. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please prepare your videos and other materials in order to respect this limit. In case you absolutely need larger files, please contact us casa2010@listes.irisa.fr Higher file size limit will be possible for final submissions.

Submission is made using the EASYCHAIR conference system.

The easychair CASA 2010 login page is available here: http://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=casa2010

Checklist for submitting your work:

  1. Write your regular, short paper or poster description using the Latex or MS Word templates: [LaTeX template], [MS Word template].
  2. Check the page-lehgth limitation according to the type of your submission.
  3. Check you correctly removed any reference to authors' identity.
  4. Generate a PDF file.
  5. ZIP your supplementary materials.
  6. login to easychair: http://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=casa2010
  7. Add new sumbission
  8. Do not forget to indicate the submission category (section "Title, Abstract and Category")
  9. Submit the paper !

Thanks !